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The Four Hour Workweek – My personal opinion

by Avery Smith on September 2, 2016

The book “The 4-hour Work Week” by Timothy Ferriss basically talks about how you can achieve your dream lifestyle working only 4 hours per week. In the video below I’m elaborating why I think it’s a myth and why I think it takes way longer than 4 per week inorder to be successful especially for brand […]


Best Free Screenshot Tool

by Avery Smith on August 7, 2016

On the video below I’m sharing the tool I use to screen capture images for my online business.


How to invest in yourself and become attractive

by Avery Smith on August 1, 2016

On the video below I’m showing the right way to multiply your income online using the Invest-Learn-Team formula.   If you want to learn more on how to leverage social media platforms to create a sustainable residual income, click here or below!       Transcript: Hey folks what’s going on this is Avery and […]


Create Your Own Webinar!

by Avery Smith on July 24, 2016

On this video you’ll learn how to use Google Hangout for your online business, team members or any business In general.   If you want to learn more on how to build your own team and create ypur first 5-6 figure income per month, go ahead and click here or the button below to get started! […]


How to increase affiliate sales?

by Avery Smith on July 21, 2016

On the video below I’m showing how to increase Capture page/Landing page conversion using valuable content as a trigger, social media and engagement strategies.     If you want to learn how to leverage the internet using a well proven system to generate a substantial residual income, go ahead and join our community by clicking […]


How To Create A Lead Capture Page For Free

by Avery Smith on July 13, 2016

In the video below I’m teaching how to create your own lead capture page with your personal video for free.   Click here or below  If you want to learn more and know how to drive a massive amount of traffic to your capture pages.       transcript: Hey everyone what’s up Avery here […]


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